Friday, 10 January 2014

Crazy tropical salad!

I was hunting around on the internet for a salad to go with Beef Rendang
(the beef here is tough as old boots, so Rendang is the perfect solution.) 
Before I go on, here's the recipe for the Rendang. 
You may want to try it as it is pretty darn good (though if you can have
 two people working on it that will cut down the time involved).

Anyway, I wanted to do something a bit Asiany as well  and I fancied trying
green papaya, so I came across this recipe from the same website:

The Thai name for this salad is Som Tam.
I wish I could say this is a picture of my salad, but this is what it should look like...

Unfortunately, I haven't mastered the art of choosing a "green" papaya.
So mine is the "orange" version...

So apart from that, what was crazy about this salad?

We'll once I got into the instructions I started seeing the words "pound," "pulverise," 
"crush," and "bruise"! - not your typical kiwi method for making salads!
In fact I considered disobeying...
Fortunately, I took the risk and got stuck into some pounding.
Wow, fantastic flavours!

If you can get hold of a green papaya, I seriously recommend this salad.

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