Saturday, 28 December 2013

"Scratching" the coconut...

Solomon Islanders use the coconut for many different things, but it is also a big part
of their diet.  So they are expert at getting the "meat" out of it in a process they call

They make it look easy (but it's not!). 
Thanks to Carlton who did this in about 5 minutes flat!
The grater is really sharp, so for the amateur you are taking your life in
your hands!
After the meat is out, we blend the grated coconut to make it a bit finer. 
Then just add a bit of warm water and squeeze the grated coconut in a muslin
cloth to extract the "milk."
This is from one coconut!
Now we have two products - the milk and the grated coconut.
We dry out the grated coconut in the oven or toast it in a dry fry pan.  This can be used
to add to homemade muesli or cakes, etc.  The milk is for the curries!  YUM! 
No more canned coconut milk for us!

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