Saturday, 22 March 2014

I don't like chocolate... I LOVE it!

Chocolate Transfer Sheets and Making Chocolates...

I've messed around with making truffles before, but percentage wise, I've eaten a lot more chocolate than I've ever made.  I saw a TV show quite a few months ago where someone was making gorgeously decorated chocs. There began my mission to have a go at going to the next level!  Had to do a bit of research on the whole process and had to wait for an overseas trip to get these cool transfers...

I cut them to the size that I wanted to work with.

A lot of internet explanations said it is easy to use these. It kind of is but the tropical humidity took the stress up quite a few notches. Here's a useful site for anyone interested in having a go...

Had to temper the chocolate before I could spread it on the transfers.
Was a bit of a process but not too bad.

Once the chocolate sets a bit, (took nearly 3 hours in the heat here -
one site said it should take 5 minutes!) I cut the shape of the shards:

It was unbelievably exciting to peel off the first shard to see how well it worked...

Then I made a truffle filling to be piped into some square shards
that I made into the shape of a triangle and used the angled shards
as decorations on top... 


  1. Thanks Amanda, I had fun doing it and I'm using all the other pieces as decorations for cupcakes etc.